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What to Look for When Buying a Condominium in Ottawa

December 24th, 2023

The City of Ottawa offers many great condominium buildings where one might choose to live. Condominiums in Ottawa can be found in the downtown core but in its suburb as well. Condos downtown can be great for just about any type of individuals.

If you are a young student looking to live close to the action the condominiums at Daly Square and The Galleria might be what you are looking for. Individuals choosing to live near the Byward Market such as the 90 George condominiums will be able to enjoy its nightlife, coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants these activities are not only attractive to students and young individuals but to older retired couples as well all not wanting to worry about driving to get around. Ottawa condominiums are particularly great for students and young professionals who attend the University of Ottawa or work close to downtown the new Daly Square for example is just a stone throw way from the University. There’s a condominium for everyone a young professional can choose to live in a bachelor condominium and the older or retired couple might choose to go with a 2 bedroom condominium plus den.Condominiums in Ottawa can be attractive for the young individual and the retired couple who wish to have less maintenance and responsibilities. Statistics and research show that owning a car can cost the average person over $6,000 per year if you take into account all costs associated with the insurance, the car payments, gas and maintenance. Ottawa Condominiums owners often choose to let go of the car or to park it and choose to walk or use the public transit to get around the City of Ottawa.If downtown living is not for you Ottawa has many condominiums developments scattered around the city that you will fall in love with. While some condominiums downtown might give you a view of the beautiful Gatineau , if watching the sunset over the Outaouais River is something that you might enjoy Ottawa has condo for you! Petrie Island’s condominiums located approx 20-25 minutes from downtown will give you these suburb views of the river and nature a short drive to downtown.Condominiums are not only attractive to live but condominiums building are also a great way to build sustainable communities. Ottawa for many years has been victim of suburban sprawl. Communities are being built far from our downtown core and creating problems on many different levels such as: transportation (time to commute as well as maintenance costs for roads) and costs associated to services offered such as higher garbage removal costs, snow removal and many more.For those who think that condominiums are always tall buildings downtown, think again! Ottawa has many great examples of these. For example, in Quartier Vanier a neighbourhood of Ottawa, an old school which for many years was vacant and boarded up is being converted to trendy condominiums for young families and professionals.When buying a condominium in Ottawa engage the services of a professional call a real estate agent. Working as a real estate agent in Ottawa I can help buyers in locating properties on the Ottawa MLS that meet their search criteria as well as drafting proper conditions such as condominium inspections, financing, Condominium Corporation certificate inspection to protect you the buyer with your purchase.